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Nicole Gonzalez, a/k/a Nikki Gunz, is an ISSA certified strength and conditioning specialist and one of the top personal trainers in Austin Texas. Nikki specializes in 1-on-1 personal training sessions for men and women that are custom tailored to your specific fitness goals. Integrating the foundations of strength training with those of metabolic conditioning, your sessions with Nikki are intense but scaled to your abilities. This flexibility makes her training style perfect for everyone from stay at home mothers to competitive athletes. Nikki will help you get fit, get stronger and feel awesome!

A customized training program is just the beginning! As a world record holding athlete, Nikki knows the importance of proper training protocols and the implementation of athletic fundamentals including mobility/flexibility, warmup, correct form and proper muscle activation. This attention to detail results in more productive training sessions, faster results and less chance of injury for her clients.

Why 1-on-1 training sessions? Training one-on-one results in a setting of accountability among you and your trainer. In contrast to other cookie cutter programs, Nikki approachs each client as an individual; there is no one-size-fits-all training plan. Your training is dependent on your fitness assessment, personal requirements and goals. Nikki takes the time to listen to each of her clients and understand exactly what they are looking to achieve as well as how they are feeling with the present program. When necessary, adjustments are made to your training to satisfy your objectives and advance your progress. The goal is to push you outside your comfort level but never force you to do more than you can handle.

Whether you’re looking to get stronger, lose a few pounds or training for your next power lifting meet, working with Nikki will help you to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible. Contact Nikki today to schedule a free consult and your first workout is free!

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Client Success Stories
Dominique T.
Dominique T.
"I've been seeing Nikki for over a year. I've grown so much stronger over the course of her training. Her coaching is top-notch. She's super knowledgeable and really goes all in. She's a great encourager, even when I doubt myself. She's really taught me just to go for the weight. Training with her is one of the highlights of my week!"
Violet R.
Violet R.
“Nikki is great at what she does! I've trained on and off with her for over a year and I have really seen results when I train with her expertise. She really takes an interest in helping her clients accomplish their goals and is very approachable. She has a very encouraging tone and I've never felt uncomfortable or intimidated by her, which is rare with personal trainers. Love her!”
Eva C.
Eva C.
“Nikki completely transformed my workouts, varying and customizing our sessions to what would best help me improve my overall health and physique. She is serious about meeting goals and tracking progress along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you need a personal trainer who will work hard with you to get results that you want.”

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